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The Art of Migration

28th April 2018 to 20th May 2018

Two book launches & two exhibitions in one. See here for the exhibition invitation.

Flight Lines
The Society of Wildlife Artists and The British Trust for Ornithology have joined forces in following our summer visitors, such as cuckoos, on their long, incredible journeys from Britain to their wintering grounds in Africa, and back. The scientific research undertaken, the amazing information and artwork resulting, feature in the highly-readable book Flight Lines by the BTO's Mike Toms. Originals from the book and other works on the theme of migration, including those birds which travel huge distances to Britain from further north, for our winter, make up this fascinating exhibition.

When Turtle Doves Fly
Designer Ann Lamb and writer Demelza Craven were so concerned about the disappearance of turtle doves that they determined to do something. They hit upon the idea of a book to raise funds for Operation Turtle Dove and recruited a group of like-minded artists to illustrate the 4500km journey of a turtle dove, from England to sub-Saharan Africa. Profits from sales of the wonderful When Turtle Doves Fly, which includes a competition for a piece of turtle dove jewellery, will be donated. In addition, sales of a special print and a donation from BIRDscapes, should mean at least a thousand pounds will be raised.

Robert Gillmor S WL A - Book Signing
Hot off the press! BIRDscapes has on sale Robert Gillmor's stunning new book "Pressing On" which features a beautiful collection of Robert's linocuts from the last decade. Robert will be in the gallery between 11am and 3pm on Sunday 29th of April to sign copies of his new book.